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     "the edge of paradise"

Costa Rica rain clouds after a storm

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our entrance at km.#148, use 4 wheel drive now!

Our Sign On The Coast Road Km.#148 - put the car in 4 wheel drive at this point, turning is on the left.

our green rock sign, turn here

our gate 1 mile up the road on the left

Our Front Gate

1  Km. Up The Road

the car park

  The 4 car parking area

whit face monkey

White face Monkey likes the

african palm oil tree in our carpark

fiery billed toucan

Fiery Billed Aracari Toucan


There are two routes to drive to get to the 'edge of paradise' at Pacific Edge Eco Lodge. There is also the option of taking a national flight and flying into Quepos/ Manuel Antonio being only a half hour from Pacific Edge Eco Lodge, and having car rental agencies in Quepos as well as Budget at the airport.
The toll road to the pacific coast is now open, after 30 years of being in the making, as well as the road from Quepos to Dominical being paved...this cuts down the travel time from the international airport to Dominical to 3 hours or less.
Please ask your car rental agency if the toll road is open, (the yellow route #27) as there have been landslides, during the rainy season, and you may need to use the original route, (the pink route #3/#34).
FROM THE AIRPORT ….both the original Atenas/Orotina road #3 and the way to the Toll road, #27 are both the same, for the first bit.
By car, leaving Juan Santamaria International airport in San Jose the easiest route, avoiding going thru the city of San Jose, is to head west from the airport, toward Puntarenas.  About 10 minutes away from the airport, the second overpass is what you want.  There will be an exit sign for Grecia, Atenas, and Marriott Los Suenos.  Take this exit, turn left and go over the overpass.  You will follow the signs for Marriott and Jaco, (see the map below).
About 5 minutes you will have passed on your right a restaurant “Fiesta de Pollo”, then on your left a large restaurant “Fiesta de Maiz”, immediately after this restaurant you will see a sign on your right that says “intersection adelante” [which means intersection ahead], and a small sign blue, white and red that says BCR Turrucares with an arrow to the left, FOR THE TOLL ROAD #27….you will turn left here at this intersection, there will be a soccer field on the left and a blue house on the right,  go down this road about 5 minutes, the toll road will appear overhead in front of you, the onramp is the turning to the left before the toll road (do not go under the toll road)..go up the ramp and circle to the right and get on the toll road to ‘caldera/jaco’ are now on the toll road.
Once on #27 there will be 2 toll booths, for a total of less than $2.  Immediately after the 2nd toll booth there will be the exits for “Tarcoles - Jaco” take this exit. You are now on the coast road “costanera” #34 (see the map on our webpage) this will take you thru Herradura, Jaco, Playa Hermosa, Esterillos, Quepos / Manwell Antonio and then Dominical...
from the bridge over “Rio Baru” (where there is a police checkpoint), you continue 4 kilometers more to Km. marker #148, the turning is on the left, you will see our sign, a yellow painted rock with Cabinas Pacific Edge, there is also another sign there that is lite at night “Las Olas”. Put the car in 4 wheel drive and continue up the dirt road one km. past the houses on the right, we are the first gates on the left. You are now at Pacific Edge!!! 
IF THE TOLL ROAD IS CLOSED…Follow the above directions, however after you pass ‘Fiesta de Maiz’ DO NOT TURN…keep straight going thru Atenas and the curvy mountain road with fantastic views, then coming to Orotina, and after Orotina this Hwy. #3 will merge with the toll road,[after the landslide area], you will have one toll booth, then immediately exit and follow the above directions from “Tarcoles-Jaco”.
THE SECOND ROUTE is thru San Jose, which is 35 minutes east of the airport; this is the tricky part as there are no signs.  Ask your car rental agent for a map, to get thru San Jose.  After getting thru San Jose you are heading toward Cartago, but you do not go thru Cartago. (See the below map). The road is 4 lanes wide with a pay station, after this you climb a steep hill, and as you start to go down, get in the right hand lane, there will be a monument and a sign for Cartago and San Isidro General..this is where you go to the right!!!, (to San Isidro de General), you will then pass a few gas stations, and start climbing, climbing, climbing. You are going thru Cerro de Muerte, this route tends to get very foggy in the afternoons, and rainy with hardly any visibility.  This is why we recommend this road only in the morning, or go the coast route.  After about 3 hours you will come down out of the mountains to the town of San Isidro. Turn Right at Mc Donald’s (yes, there are mc donald's here).  Follow this road one hour and you will come to the ocean. This is Dominical, turn left and go 4 kilometers, to Km. #148, our turning is on the left and you will see our sign, a yellow painted rock, Cabinas Pacific Edge, there is also another sign there that is lite at night “Las Olas”. Put the car in 4 wheel drive and continue up the dirt road one km. past the houses on the right, we are the first gates on the left. You are now at Pacific  Edge!!! 
We highly recommend that you get a car, and a 4 wheel drive at that. We are not on the beaten path, but up a steep hill, 1 mile, and 3 miles south of Dominical.  It is too far to walk. Having a car will give you the freedom to explore the beautiful beaches, and especially Ballena Marine Park about 15 minutes by car south of us, and to get out for dinner in the evenings.  Taxis are costly, and not that many available.  You will pay $15 approx. just to get from Dominical to Pacific Edge, one way.  The beaches to the south will be $25 approx. and then getting a return Taxi will not be easy, there are none at the beaches, unless you pre-arrange a pick up time, good luck with this. 
So, please do yourself a favor and get a car.  We can organize a car delivered to Pacific Edge, or the airport at Palmar Sur, if you do not want to drive until you get here.

Pacific Edge Eco Lodge

 "on the edge of paradise"

Costa Rica map San Jose to Dominical